A picture of myself with fifteen facts

  1. Almost every morning as I’m leaving the house my dad says “Try to come home early tonight. Have a good day! Bye!” I get a little sad if he’s sleeping and we don’t have that moment together.
  2. My mom packs me fruit everyday. She will also pack me lunch if I ask her nicely.
  3. My sister is addicted to Kpop and it’s all my fault.
  4. I love wearing vibrant colors.
  5. I’m confident that the Lakers will be the 2011 champions.
  6. I’m a TV junkie. Sadly, this year I only have time to catch up on Modern Family and 30 Rock.
  7. I would be happy eating rice and banchan everyday because I love the variety. I also love family-style eating.
  8. My toenails are always painted.
  9. I don’t have my own personal computer. I use my work laptop, mom’s work laptop or parent’s desktop. Maybe one day I’ll buy one for myself.
  10. I love giving and receiving quality time. Who, what, and where I spend my time reflects a lot about who I am and what I value.
  11. Whenever I travel, it’s usually to visit a friend. That’s why I’ve been to the same place so many times, i.e. Hong Kong and NorCal. 🙂
  12. I will no longer have a cocktail if it’s not made by a mixologist. I’ve become a drinking-snob. I’ll just drink beer or wine instead.
  13. I love technology but it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that it exists. Not how it works. Just that it exists.
  14. I’m a slow-ass reader. I wish I could read faster. I feel like I would be smarter if I could read more.
  15. Am I the only person who doesn’t really care that Osama bin Laden was “killed”? There so much other evil in this world. One man being killed is not going to change much. But I guess it’s a start. What I want to hear is, “Breaking news: Human trafficking has been abolished!”

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  1. yay on #5!!

  2. HAHA you’re a slow ass reader? aww

  3. #10 and #11 is what’s soo great about you =)


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