A picture of my favorite memory


More specifically, The Edge at Newsong Church.

By far the BEST memories of my life so far.

Similar to Carol, I learned leadership skills, conflict resolution, and building meaningful relationships. I can thank The Edge for my “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever” attitude towards giving and serving. Plus, God blessed me with lifelong friends.

Often times I wish I could step into the hot tub time machine and relive those formative years. I believe college is an important time when people are shaped and molded. I still have a lot of things I can improve about myself but I’m thankful for how much I grew spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Our vision is to reach a diverse group of college-age people with the gospel so that they become radically devoted, life-long, glocally (global & local) minded followers of Jesus Christ.

I wonder how many of us fulfilled this vision.

The Edge Senior Getaway

3rd Year Small Group: Hobbitettes (Missing: Gaby, Lily, Bonnie and Laura)

4th Year Small Group: Tangent 5

5th Year Small Group: S.I.C.K. (Sisters in Christ Kickass)

5th Year Roommates: RSJ

Always by the water. Pool, hot tub, lake or beach.

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  1. soo many good memories!!! i’m so glad we’re still all friends… it really is a god-given gift.

  2. wow, I forgot our vision mission statement! It’s so vague so it’s hard to tell whether people are really “living it out” but it does make me sad for those who totally are out of the loop now. Our passionate innocence was a beautiful thing!


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