A picture of something I hate

One morning I opened my desk drawer to look for a file and in the back I saw something gray and round fall. I thought it was odd so I pulled the drawer completely out and saw a MOUSE staring straight at me. I screamed and calmly walked over to my boss’ office. I apologized for screaming and told her that a mouse was in my drawer. She freaked out and told me to call our building manager. I immediately called Valerie and she sent a maintenance man to our suite. Armed with a small box and flashlight, he searched all over my tiny office but couldn’t find him. Since a mouse can flatten to the thickness of a quarter he thought he possibly escaped and went into another office. While he checked my coworker’s office, I decided to throw away my bag of pretzels which were at the back of my desk drawer. I’m pretty sure that’s what the little critter was after. As I opened my drawer, I saw those beady little eyes staring back at me, again! I screamed AGAIN! And the maintenance man ran over and we closed my office door to catch him. But the little rodent ran around my office, under my office door and across the hall. The doctor was standing in the hall and when she saw the mouse, she screamed, and then my coworker screamed when he came into her office. It was hilarious! It’s all females at our clinic!

The maintenance man called for back-up and within a few minutes they were able to successfully capture and exterminate the mouse. Our heroes! After the whole ordeal my coworker mentioned that she’s seen little pellets throughout the office but didn’t think much of it. Aish! So GROSS! This should not be happening at a medical clinic. Our building better call pest control because a mouse is not a lone ranger.

Don’t worry, I don’t think we killed Ratatouille. But maybe he wanted to be a nurse.

I got a picture of him in my drawer

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  1. holy cow! that’s a great picture! GROSS… totally beady little eyes…. ewww

  2. awwww it’s so small and cute! i was expecting it to be some giant rat. it looks like it’s thinking “please don’t hurt me”

  3. it’s a CUTE itty bitty mousie! i thought it was a fat ugly RAT.

  4. OMG!!!


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