A picture of my biggest insecurity

My teeth are one of my biggest physical insecurities. I’m not trying to fish for compliments here. I know my teeth aren’t the ugliest. And I don’t have any other major body image issues. I just wish I had perfect sparkling white teeth because I think it makes a person look better. I would love to have veneers one day! But it’s expensive so unless I strike at gold, it probably won’t happen. I’m very grateful for the braces I had as a kid because without those I would have buck teeth, which would be worse! Also, I rarely believe a guy when he says he likes my smile.

My teeth look similar to Alyson Hannigan except I have a small chip at the bottom of my right big front tooth. It’s not noticeable in pictures but it is in person.

My dream teeth


A picture of someone who inspires me

My cute parents!

They’re not perfect parents but they’re the still the best in my book! Surprisingly, they’re not your typical first generation Asian parents. They never forced my sister and I do anything we didn’t want to do and never had unrealistic expectations of us. Instead, they always motivated us to do our best. They encouraged us to face our fears, seize opportunities and gave us the freedom to choose our own path in life. They inspire me to treat my future kids the same way.

Their relationship is also an inspiration. They don’t have the perfect marriage but after being together for more than 40 years they’re still deeply in love and it shows. I hope my marriage endures the test of time like theirs.

Plus, they’re the coolest! They’re wise, understanding and open-minded. For example, when I got my first boyfriend in high school my mom took me to a coffee shop and had “the talk” with me. She told me that she didn’t want me to have sex at a young age but if I did, then she wanted to make sure I knew how to protect myself. She even offered to buy me condoms if I was too embarrassed to buy them for myself. It was a slightly awkward conversation but I was so grateful for her openness.

Samples of their cute/funny/coolness:

Me: Mommy, come to my bday party. It’s at a bar in Little Tokyo. You don’t have to stay the whole time.
Mommy: Okay. Sounds fun.
Daddy: Is she cool enough to go?
Mommy: I’m already very cool!
Me: Hahaha yeah she’s already cool.

Sister: Dad, is the wine good?
Daddy: All alcohol tastes good.

Me: Mommy, did you and Daddy ever break up during the 10 years you were dating?
Mommy: Yes, there was one time.
Me: Wow only once! Did you date other people?
Mommy: No. But Dad did.
Daddy: I dated a ballerina. She had a really nice body.
Me: Dad! You shouldn’t say that! Hahaha!
Daddy: So one day I was about to kiss the ballerina and when I closed my eyes…mom’s face showed up! So, that’s when I knew that I had to get back together with her.

The Best Kind of Phone Call

Friday was Girls Night Out with Hanah and her roommate Steph! We met at LA Live in downtown for the classic combo of dinner and a movie. We watched Hangover Part II because it was set in Thailand and neither of them had seen part one. It was exactly like the first one but I still enjoyed it and had a few laughs.

Saturday I got the best phone call from an unknown number. And it was one that I’ve been anticipating for a few months. Gaby called me from Bangkok to let me know that she got ENGAGED!!! I screamed so loud that my mom came into my room to see if something was wrong. I am so incredibly happy for Tuan and Gaby! The girls already knew it was going to happen soon because he had flown to LA back in March to buy the ring with Beverly’s help. He also emailed us gushing about all the reasons why he wanted to marry her. Gaby thought he would wait to propose when they moved back to Cali so we could all be there but I think it’s much more fitting for it to happen in Bangkok since that’s where their relationship began. Can’t wait to celebrate with them State-side!

Cheers Miss Gabrielle! This isn’t the best picture of us but I thought the wine glasses fit this occasion

In the afternoon I had an appointment with John Q in Garden Grove. The last time I got my hair cut by him was in January so I was definitely due for one. And then I went to Costa Mesa for PbP’s monthly steering committee meeting at Marian’s new swanky pad. It’s the most luxurious place I’ve been to in OC. After the meeting we were all welcomed to stay for Marian’s housewarming party.

Marian is a major foodie so naturally she had the best tacos in OC cater her party, Soho Tacos

Shrimp, asada, carnitas, chicken and roasted veggie tacos

And her friend brought cupcakes from one of the best bakery in OC called Beverly’s Best

All the pictures from Marian’s housewarming party are from Miss Jenny (pictures above)

Pictures of my PbP family plus KevinEats

Sunday I went to church, stuffed myself at Versailles for the Fellowship Team appreciation lunch and then headed to Ktown for a very productive meeting with the PbP Directors. We even had our National President, Liliana, at the meeting! She’s in town for a business trip. After the meeting we stuffed ourselves at ChoSun Galbee.

Plate by Plate is only two months away! Ek! It’s crunch time! I will be extremely busy, tired, and stressed the next two months but on Saturday, August 6th all my hard work will pay off.

Now, I’m home with a full stomach and full heart. Awww so CHEESY! Yet true.

A picture of someone I could never imagine my life without

It’s not just one person but four.

These girls were my lovely roommates during my last year at UCI. We all knew each other from the college ministry at our church. I was looking forward to living with Shannon and Gaby because we were already good friends but, to be honest, I was hesitant about living with Beverly and Katie. Not that I didn’t like them. I just didn’t know them well. But after a short period of time we became great friends! And now, I can’t imagine my life without them.

I hope we continue to pursue each other as we grow old and not let life get in the way of our friendship. I don’t want to become so caught up in my own life that I let these friendships slip away. I know what they’re worth so I will continue to give them the time and effort they deserve.

In the end, life is always about love and relationships.

Btw, it is almost impossible for us to all get together nowadays! Usually it’s something like this….

Missing Katie for our annual gift exchange. She was living in Vegas at the time.

Missing Gaby for Katie’s graudation. She was living in Bangkok at the time.

Missing Gaby AND Katie for Shannon’s engagement party. Katie was in Baltimore and Gaby was still in Bangkok.

A picture of something I wish I could forget

I don’t understand people who enjoy watching horror movies. I don’t understand how the scary images don’t stay in their minds forever. I don’t understand the fascination. I regret every single scary movie I’ve ever been convinced to watch except Paranormal Activity. It actually wasn’t too bad but I did close my eyes at the very end because I knew something was going to pop out. I know Carol and Shannon know exactly how I feel.

I also dislike movies that have anything to do with women being victims to murderers, rapists, stalkers, etc. But I’ll save that post for “A picture of something I’m afraid of”.