A picture of someone I could never imagine my life without

It’s not just one person but four.

These girls were my lovely roommates during my last year at UCI. We all knew each other from the college ministry at our church. I was looking forward to living with Shannon and Gaby because we were already good friends but, to be honest, I was hesitant about living with Beverly and Katie. Not that I didn’t like them. I just didn’t know them well. But after a short period of time we became great friends! And now, I can’t imagine my life without them.

I hope we continue to pursue each other as we grow old and not let life get in the way of our friendship. I don’t want to become so caught up in my own life that I let these friendships slip away. I know what they’re worth so I will continue to give them the time and effort they deserve.

In the end, life is always about love and relationships.

Btw, it is almost impossible for us to all get together nowadays! Usually it’s something like this….

Missing Katie for our annual gift exchange. She was living in Vegas at the time.

Missing Gaby for Katie’s graudation. She was living in Bangkok at the time.

Missing Gaby AND Katie for Shannon’s engagement party. Katie was in Baltimore and Gaby was still in Bangkok.

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  1. berv

     /  July 16, 2011

    Why did i not see this post earlier? The love is very much reciprocated. Very touching. The Vegas picture is the most flattering of all of us.


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