A picture of someone who inspires me

My cute parents!

They’re not perfect parents but they’re the still the best in my book! Surprisingly, they’re not your typical first generation Asian parents. They never forced my sister and I do anything we didn’t want to do and never had unrealistic expectations of us. Instead, they always motivated us to do our best. They encouraged us to face our fears, seize opportunities and gave us the freedom to choose our own path in life. They inspire me to treat my future kids the same way.

Their relationship is also an inspiration. They don’t have the perfect marriage but after being together for more than 40 years they’re still deeply in love and it shows. I hope my marriage endures the test of time like theirs.

Plus, they’re the coolest! They’re wise, understanding and open-minded. For example, when I got my first boyfriend in high school my mom took me to a coffee shop and had “the talk” with me. She told me that she didn’t want me to have sex at a young age but if I did, then she wanted to make sure I knew how to protect myself. She even offered to buy me condoms if I was too embarrassed to buy them for myself. It was a slightly awkward conversation but I was so grateful for her openness.

Samples of their cute/funny/coolness:

Me: Mommy, come to my bday party. It’s at a bar in Little Tokyo. You don’t have to stay the whole time.
Mommy: Okay. Sounds fun.
Daddy: Is she cool enough to go?
Mommy: I’m already very cool!
Me: Hahaha yeah she’s already cool.

Sister: Dad, is the wine good?
Daddy: All alcohol tastes good.

Me: Mommy, did you and Daddy ever break up during the 10 years you were dating?
Mommy: Yes, there was one time.
Me: Wow only once! Did you date other people?
Mommy: No. But Dad did.
Daddy: I dated a ballerina. She had a really nice body.
Me: Dad! You shouldn’t say that! Hahaha!
Daddy: So one day I was about to kiss the ballerina and when I closed my eyes…mom’s face showed up! So, that’s when I knew that I had to get back together with her.

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  1. AWWW! I love stories about your cute, adorable parents! They truly are a very inspirational couple!!

  2. awww they’re the cutest!!! i can’t believe they had “the talk” with you… that’s so hip/brave for 1st generation parents!

  3. Eva

     /  June 16, 2011

    Too cute. !! Love the open minded and encourage attitude. 🙂


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