A picture of my biggest insecurity

My teeth are one of my biggest physical insecurities. I’m not trying to fish for compliments here. I know my teeth aren’t the ugliest. And I don’t have any other major body image issues. I just wish I had perfect sparkling white teeth because I think it makes a person look better. I would love to have veneers one day! But it’s expensive so unless I strike at gold, it probably won’t happen. I’m very grateful for the braces I had as a kid because without those I would have buck teeth, which would be worse! Also, I rarely believe a guy when he says he likes my smile.

My teeth look similar to Alyson Hannigan except I have a small chip at the bottom of my right big front tooth. It’s not noticeable in pictures but it is in person.

My dream teeth

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  1. LOL that’s so sad that you put up a picture of Alyson Hannigan! Actually I don’t think her teeth are bad but it’s her thin, curly elf-like, LIPS! I also share the dream of wanting perfect teeth… Let’s get braces/veneers/watever together at age 45 ok?! HEHE.


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