An Absurd Brunch

Tonight I fly out to partake in Shannon & Terry’s Big Day on Sunday September 4th! I feel so honored to be a part of the bridal party and I’m looking forward to an extended holiday weekend in Norcal.

Since a lot of our college friends will be in town for the wedding we planned to meet up on Saturday for brunch. What was a brunch for 10+ at a restaurant turned into a mini reunion for 30+ at a park between San Jose and San Francisco in San Mateo. I think it might be more fun than the wedding.

Reunion activities to relive our good ole college days:

  • Touch Game
  • Ice Blocking
  • Com.motion (Community in Motion)
  • AAYA dance performance
  • Wu Tang Chef Clan
  • BWAM (Break with a Mission)
  • Re:act
  • Slideshow
  • Greatest summer ever matching Elmo tshirts
  • Boys/girls appreciation dinners
  • Boom Shake a Boom Boom
  • Dippy Dippy Dip
  • Hot tubbing

Thanks for getting married Shannon and Terry!


A picture of something I wish I was better at

Reading. I envy bookworms.

Maybe I would read more if I had a library that looks like this.

A picture of your favorite band

If you don’t know who they are, then you should. They’re a rock band. They’re British. My favorite album is Absolution and one of my favorite songs on the album is “Butterflies & Hurricanes“. It’s a great blend of classical and rock. Matt Bellamy is a genius. He is the driving force behind the band’s amazing lyrics and musical composition. They’re the best.

Celebrating Appa

We spent Father’s Day in Solvang because my parents hadn’t been back since my sister was a toddler. Our first stop was feeding the scary ostriches at Ostrich Land. I’ve done this before with my girlfriends so I didn’t want to do it again but I knew my family would enjoy the experience.

When I was taking a picture for my parents in front of the ostrich, my dad pretended to push my mom towards the ostrich because she was scared of them. Haha! My dad is mean but funny. Always messin around.

We ate brunch at Fresco Valley Cafe.

This is part of the conversation at brunch:

Unni: Out of all the places you traveled which one is your favorite?

Dad: Las Vegas!
(Everyone busted out laughing)
Unni: Why?
Dad: The hotels, people watching, shoes, buffet, gaming…you see every type of person from all over.
Me: That’s why I love it too!
Mom: You’re just like your dad! You both love adventure.
Dad: Yeah, Vegas is so exciting. Not like the Grand Canyon. You go “ah” and that’s all.
Me: I feel the same way!! You just need to see it once, for a second, and then move on.
Sister: Mom, what’s our favorite?
Mom: Yosemite. I love the nature. It’s beautiful.

I guess opposites really do attract. So, that does that mean I should marry someone like mom who enjoys nature/hiking/camping/etc? Perhaps.

I made them pose in this phone booth because I thought it was funny and they happily obliged.

We rented these “bikes” to get around the little town and at one point we were going up a steep hill so my sister and I got out to push the “bike” while my parents relaxed. We rented it for one hour but only used it for 45 minutes because it got so tiring. My mom couldn’t reach the peddles and my dad has bad legs so it was mainly my sister and I doing all the work!

After working up a sweat we decided to do a little wine tasting at Shoestring Winery.

My cute mommy. She hates being called cute so I call her cute all the time.

After relaxing at the vineyard we went on a hike to see the Nojoqui Falls. It’s a very short hike to the “waterfall” but it ended up being more of a trickle of water. At least getting there was beautiful.

Our lovely drive back home.


Random postings because I don’t have enough pictures to make a post about each event. 🙂

Wednesday night BBQ and hot tub party. Why? Because it’s good for you. One of the best hump days this summer.

Freaking Aaron wore another pair of short shorts. He said his brother bought them for him.

Carmageddon came and went on July 16-18 without a bleep. Remember when they shut down the 405 for 48 hours? Probably not because there was NO ONE on the road that weekend. Everyone was so scared they either left town or stayed put. It’s so eerie seeing the 405 completely empty. Is it the end of the world?

Why didn’t I think of doing this!?! Planking on the empty freeway. Once in a lifetime experience. 

These funny contraptions are called Kangoos. They look ridiculous but it looks like a good workout. There was one woman leading this group of girls around the park.

This could happen to you on your next long drive to Vegas. Beware!

Brandon’s 2nd Birthday!

Delicious chocolate mousse cake from Porto’s!They had an inflatable tiny bounce house that fits in their living room! I was so jealous! This is when I got the brilliant idea to rent one for my birthday in October. So be on the lookout for party details soon.

Oh how I LOVE the Bellagio Conservatory.