Project by Project

One reason: to bust the Model Minority myth.

There is a misconception that ALL Asian Americans are highly successful over-achieving individuals. In reality, Asian Americans need MORE political representation, government assistance and public awareness because the resources available through community and social service organizations does not match our need. So NEW leaders need to emerge from our generation to overcome barriers such as ethnic prejudices and work together for equality.

Read this thought-provoking article from Colorlines on the model minority myth.

An excerpt from the article:  “It’s true that some Asian Americans are doing well. Sure. It’s true. But does that mean that we ignore the people who aren’t doing well? What’s my responsibility, and what’s our responsibility as people who are concerned about equity, knowing that there are specific groups facing distinct patterns of inequality? Do we say to that Hmong kid who kind of looks like me because we both have black hair, it’s okay, her struggles are not an urgent issue?”

Another reason: to help plan a FUN event for a good cause.

Project by Project (PbP) is a great way to get involved with a cause that focuses on issues relating to the Asian American community by raising public awareness, volunteerism and capital. PbP selects a different theme each year to champion and this year we chose Education. Based on the theme, each local chapter selects a local community organization for a year-long campaign and this year PbP LA’s beneficiary partner is AYC Youth and Family Services.

I reluctantly took on the role as the Director of Volunteer Management because (a) it’s extremely time consuming, (b) I didn’t want that much responsibility and (c) it’s one of the most stressful jobs during Plate by Plate! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest that much into PbP but in the end I poured my heart and soul into it and it’s been incredibly rewarding! It was a major challenge balancing my full-time job, friends, family and responsibilities as co-chair of Youth Outreach in APEX and the last couple of months PbP consumed my life but I was working tirelessly to help plan one of the BEST food events in the LA. I am so honored and humbled to be a part of planning this amazing and beautiful event! But the year isn’t over yet. There’s still a lot of exciting things happening with PbP. So, the journey continues.

On August 6 we held our marquee event, Plate by Plate, which drew in 37 restaurant and dessert participants, 25 beverage purveyors, and over 600 attendees. All net proceeds from the event went to our partner. For those that missed out this year, I hope you’ll share in my joy next year. 🙂

Our Sponsors

VIP Participants: Ketel One, Sotto featuring Julian Cox, Tiato Kitchen Bar Garden and Chef Walter Manzke

The whole PbP family

PbP LA Directors. We look so professional.

Director of Fundraising, Kathterine Lee and myself (this is the only picture I took the whole night)

Inside Vibiana during set-up

Volunteers preparing for loading in the participants

Poquito Mas Santa Monica donated lunch for all our volunteers!

View from the entrance

VIP lounge furniture donated by Bo Concept Santa Monica

All the amazing participating Chefs and beverage purveyors!

Blurry birds-eye view. With all the free booze this is probably how some people remember the night.
Silent Auction

VIP treatment at our after-party by Visionshock. Our table was on stage right behind the DJ. Yup, that’s how we roll in LA.

And the real reason for all of this: the adorable and deserving AYC kids! Here they are with donated healthy snacks from Kind.

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  1. whoa, that looks awesome! amazing job jen!!!


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