The Best & Most Delicious July Holiday Weekend

Aaron’s 23rd birthday party at La Vida in Hollywood. I can’t believe I’m one of the oldest ones at a club now.
The birthday boy with his bestie Jessica
Pirate Invasion of Belmont Pier in Long Beach. We joined the gathering of pirates, scallywags and wenches on shore for musket blazing, sword fighting and guzzling grog.
Grubbin on turkey legs and downin grogThe real pirates
Later, we went further inland to eat some grub at our favorite local hangout Crazy Hook!
And continued the debauchery at Rivera and then Cana Rum Bar. We ended the night with more grub at Danny’s Tacos.
Rivera bartender, Eric, makes the BEST cocktails in LA! He’s one of the best mixologists!
Jeanie joined us at Rivera.And then Danric joine us.
Girl Time! with Angela, Beverly and Katie in Hacienda Heights. Oh how I miss eating Taiwanese food! I also finally got to try Meow Meow. Why do all these new boba houses take FOREVER to get you your drink?If you’ve ever been to Half and Half, the boba milk is exactly the same. It comes with this brown syrup sugar sauce that’s adds a nice taste. The only thing I feel makes this place stand out is their pudding. AND I LOVE ME SOME PUDDING. So Half and Half’s is like jello right? Jiggly and not like pudding at all. This place it’s true boba style pudding. Creamy and melts very nicely in your mouth.
The Do-Over presented Over & Over at The Standard Downtown. A special private rooftop poolside party to close out the holiday weekend. The line was fierce but we got there early enough to be let in soon after it opened. Luckily, we got in line early because as we were leaving I ran into a friend and he said he just got into the party after waiting in line for  SIX HOURS!!! The next day he said it was all worth it but I don’t know if I would have felt the same way if I was in his situation. The Awesome Crew popped bottles of champagne, sprayed each other with a water gun and danced to music spun by DJs Scott K and Jeremy Ellis.
Poppin bottles of Champagne at our table
This is Gramps and he’s at almost every single Do Over. I saw him walking around outside smoking a joint.I found a parasol somewhere in the Standard Hotel and it matched perfectly with my outfit!
We worked up an appetite at Do Over so we headed to Park’s BBQ in Ktown for some delicious galbi, soju and Hite.
To “sober up” from all the shots of straight soju at Park’s we went to Heu for some pineapple soju. Smart idea huh.

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