Celebrating Appa

We spent Father’s Day in Solvang because my parents hadn’t been back since my sister was a toddler. Our first stop was feeding the scary ostriches at Ostrich Land. I’ve done this before with my girlfriends so I didn’t want to do it again but I knew my family would enjoy the experience.

When I was taking a picture for my parents in front of the ostrich, my dad pretended to push my mom towards the ostrich because she was scared of them. Haha! My dad is mean but funny. Always messin around.

We ate brunch at Fresco Valley Cafe.

This is part of the conversation at brunch:

Unni: Out of all the places you traveled which one is your favorite?

Dad: Las Vegas!
(Everyone busted out laughing)
Unni: Why?
Dad: The hotels, people watching, shoes, buffet, gaming…you see every type of person from all over.
Me: That’s why I love it too!
Mom: You’re just like your dad! You both love adventure.
Dad: Yeah, Vegas is so exciting. Not like the Grand Canyon. You go “ah” and that’s all.
Me: I feel the same way!! You just need to see it once, for a second, and then move on.
Sister: Mom, what’s our favorite?
Mom: Yosemite. I love the nature. It’s beautiful.

I guess opposites really do attract. So, that does that mean I should marry someone like mom who enjoys nature/hiking/camping/etc? Perhaps.

I made them pose in this phone booth because I thought it was funny and they happily obliged.

We rented these “bikes” to get around the little town and at one point we were going up a steep hill so my sister and I got out to push the “bike” while my parents relaxed. We rented it for one hour but only used it for 45 minutes because it got so tiring. My mom couldn’t reach the peddles and my dad has bad legs so it was mainly my sister and I doing all the work!

After working up a sweat we decided to do a little wine tasting at Shoestring Winery.

My cute mommy. She hates being called cute so I call her cute all the time.

After relaxing at the vineyard we went on a hike to see the Nojoqui Falls. It’s a very short hike to the “waterfall” but it ended up being more of a trickle of water. At least getting there was beautiful.

Our lovely drive back home.

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  1. that “bike” is a surrey! so fun!

  2. your family is so cute! you look just like your mom!


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