Quintessential Summer Day

The official astronomical end date of summer was September 22 but it still feels like summer in Southern California. My coworker, who just moved from Washington, said, “It’s weird that it’s still sunny and warm here. I’m not used to it. It should be foggy and cold this time of year.” I replied, “Welcome to LA. Sometimes it’s still warm in October.” She said “I can’t imagine!”

What can I say? We’re spoiled.

So, to celebrate the end of another great summer in LA I’ll share about one of my favorite days this season.

Joanne and I went to the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival and saw the last performance of Love Labour’s Lost. The show was surprisingly very funny and more PG-13 than family-friendly but I don’t think the kids understood what was going on.  I loved every minute of it!

We spread out our blanket and enjoyed a little picnic before the show started.

I loved the costumes

Bravo! I’ll be back next season.

After the play we joined my friends at Perch, Downtown LA’s newest rooftop bar. I heard their cocktails were subpar so I just ordered the usual, Jameson on the rocks. I loved the space! Beautiful view of the city and great ambiance. LA needs more rooftop bars. Why don’t we have more rooftop bars? We have the perfect, almost year-round, weather for anything outdoors.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall~!! I used to HATE cold weather but now I’m appreciating it more and more. Maybe it’s because I love wearing boots and scarves. Or because I’m getting old?

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  1. it’s because you’re getting old 😉 jk! that means i must’ve been old a very very long time ago. happy autumn!

  2. yooch

     /  September 28, 2011

    Old people hate cold. Ask me haha. Actually I love cold weather haha


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