When My Mother Retires

…she should work at a Korean market.

  1. She speaks Korean and English.
  2. She’s friendly, kind and helpful.
  3. She’s cute and adorable.

Example A

A store worker was cooking samples of oyster mushrooms and a non-Korean woman asked her how she was making it but the worker’s English was limited so they had a hard time communicating. My mom overheard and stepped in to explain. She even threw in her own cooking tips. Hahaha. The worker was so impressed by my mom’s English! As my mom was explaining things, the worker asked me how long my mom has been living here and I said over 30 years. The worker was so shocked because she’s only been living here for 4 years. She said she hopes her English becomes as good as my mom’s.

Example B

During this same grocery store trip an elderly white man was looking for Japanese bread crumbs and another Korean store worker couldn’t really understand him so my mom stepped in to help. The worker told me and my sister that my mom was very kind for helping him. This is when I told my mom she should work at the store when she retires and she jokingly agreed. But I’m actually serious. She needs a part-time job or something to keep herself busy when she retires because she’s not the type to just sit at home, unless it’s the weekend.