What’s in a Name?

It’s surprising to me when friends my age don’t know why their parents chose their name….or…maybe…I’m the odd one for being curious.

My parents named me after a famous actress my father liked named Jennifer Jones. Recently, I decided to find out more about here and here’s a few interesting things that stood out to me on Wikipedia.

She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the 1943 The Song of Bernadette.

She started a foundation for mental health education after a close friend and her daughter committed suicide.

The most interesting part to me was the latter years of her life with her third marriage to multi-millionaire industrialist, art collector and philanthropist, Norton Simon. They met at a party hosted by fellow industrialist and art collector Walter Annenberg. Norton Simon appointed Jennifer Jones as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, President and Executive Officer of Norton Simon Museum before he passed away. After his passing, she began working with architect Frank Gehry and landscape designer Nancy Goslee Power on renovating the museum and gardens.

Learning about her life and legacy makes me love my name more! I’ve always been interested in visiting the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena but now it’s a must-see. I think I shall drag the bf one day since he lives in the area.