Kubota’s 40th Anniversary


Thursday September 27th– we received a small gift bag filled with a bag of microwavable popcorn, dum dums and a commemorative pin.


Friday September 28th– Placed on each employees desk was a bag with a small bamboo surfboard shaped cutting board. The label states “This cutting board is made of natural bamboo, a sustainable wood and an ancient symbol of enduring strength and longevity, Kubota, with its commitment to the earth’s resources presents this gift to you in celebration of our 40 years of achievement.”


At 9AM we all boarded buses and took a short field trip to the local AMC movie theater to watch a film about Kubota’s past 40 years in America. The film was well made and everyone genuinely enjoyed it. I even got a credit for the film for helping with the production! Should I create an IMDB profile now?