Office Mom

My mother works at a packaging and shipping company in the Accounting/un-official HR department but she is also known as the “Office Mom”. She’s generous, sweet, nurturing and mentors her employees.

One of her job duties as the Office Mom is to plan the raffle giveaway at the annual company holiday party. Throughout the year, the warehouse collects scrap metal and recycles it for money; my mother then holds onto that money and uses it to purchase gift cards for the raffle prizes. But this year my mom decided to give each employee a little something. She told her boss and the warehouse manager what she was going to do. (They didn’t have a choice in the matter, she was just informing them)

For the raffle drawing at the holiday party each employee received one ticket. First, they raffled off a set of envelopes which each contained $100 cash (cold hard cash). Then they raffled off another set of envelopes which contained $50 each. Finally, they raffled off the rest of the envelopes which contained $25 each until everyone received one. As a result, each person got a little something, something.

But not only did each person receive a little bit of cash but my mother made sure that the higher amounts went to the men who work in the warehouse because they’re the ones who do all the hard manual labor throughout the year. She said “if it wasn’t for their hard work, then we wouldn’t be able to run this business.”

My mom is the greatest! I want to be like her when I grow up.


My mom and I on Christmas Eve in Palm Springs


When My Mother Retires

…she should work at a Korean market.

  1. She speaks Korean and English.
  2. She’s friendly, kind and helpful.
  3. She’s cute and adorable.

Example A

A store worker was cooking samples of oyster mushrooms and a non-Korean woman asked her how she was making it but the worker’s English was limited so they had a hard time communicating. My mom overheard and stepped in to explain. She even threw in her own cooking tips. Hahaha. The worker was so impressed by my mom’s English! As my mom was explaining things, the worker asked me how long my mom has been living here and I said over 30 years. The worker was so shocked because she’s only been living here for 4 years. She said she hopes her English becomes as good as my mom’s.

Example B

During this same grocery store trip an elderly white man was looking for Japanese bread crumbs and another Korean store worker couldn’t really understand him so my mom stepped in to help. The worker told me and my sister that my mom was very kind for helping him. This is when I told my mom she should work at the store when she retires and she jokingly agreed. But I’m actually serious. She needs a part-time job or something to keep herself busy when she retires because she’s not the type to just sit at home, unless it’s the weekend.

Silly Conversations with Dad

I know where my humor comes from.

Early this evening I walked past the TV and there was a female Kpop group on a show performing live (something like this) and my dad asked me, “Why don’t you try dancing like those girls?” I replied, “No.” and kept walking. He said, “Why? I think you can. Just try right now.” I replied, “You do it first and then I’ll try.”

My dad is so silly.

Celebrating Appa

We spent Father’s Day in Solvang because my parents hadn’t been back since my sister was a toddler. Our first stop was feeding the scary ostriches at Ostrich Land. I’ve done this before with my girlfriends so I didn’t want to do it again but I knew my family would enjoy the experience.

When I was taking a picture for my parents in front of the ostrich, my dad pretended to push my mom towards the ostrich because she was scared of them. Haha! My dad is mean but funny. Always messin around.

We ate brunch at Fresco Valley Cafe.

This is part of the conversation at brunch:

Unni: Out of all the places you traveled which one is your favorite?

Dad: Las Vegas!
(Everyone busted out laughing)
Unni: Why?
Dad: The hotels, people watching, shoes, buffet, gaming…you see every type of person from all over.
Me: That’s why I love it too!
Mom: You’re just like your dad! You both love adventure.
Dad: Yeah, Vegas is so exciting. Not like the Grand Canyon. You go “ah” and that’s all.
Me: I feel the same way!! You just need to see it once, for a second, and then move on.
Sister: Mom, what’s our favorite?
Mom: Yosemite. I love the nature. It’s beautiful.

I guess opposites really do attract. So, that does that mean I should marry someone like mom who enjoys nature/hiking/camping/etc? Perhaps.

I made them pose in this phone booth because I thought it was funny and they happily obliged.

We rented these “bikes” to get around the little town and at one point we were going up a steep hill so my sister and I got out to push the “bike” while my parents relaxed. We rented it for one hour but only used it for 45 minutes because it got so tiring. My mom couldn’t reach the peddles and my dad has bad legs so it was mainly my sister and I doing all the work!

After working up a sweat we decided to do a little wine tasting at Shoestring Winery.

My cute mommy. She hates being called cute so I call her cute all the time.

After relaxing at the vineyard we went on a hike to see the Nojoqui Falls. It’s a very short hike to the “waterfall” but it ended up being more of a trickle of water. At least getting there was beautiful.

Our lovely drive back home.